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By Joy A. Kennelly

I haven’t popped by here in a while because ever since I heard Will Bowen, the author of A Complaint Free World speak, I realize I don’t really want to hide out here complaining any more. That said, I do need to share that the other reason I’ve not been writing a lot is because I’m fighting some lung something or other which is just kicking my booty!

Now when I’m not blogging, you must know something else is going on because I love to write and find it a great stress relief. I have been reading though which is always the flip side of writing and recommend Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat by Michael Masterson.

What I like about him as an author is that he’s a writer and works with artists in addition to running and consulting multi-million dollar companies. Lately, the last few books I picked up have had art themes even when I wasn’t actively seeking them out. Too funny.

Since this is a business book, I’m taking my time reading it, but really enjoy what he has to say and how he says it. Very simple, easy to read language that makes sense.

On the other hand, I just galloped through Comeback Season How I Learned to Play the Game of Love by Cathy Day. Galloped, because I began skipping over all the sports references since that’s not something I understand or know.

Would have helped if I had read more of the book first to realize that all her analogies were sports ones doncha think? I just thought it would be interesting to hear another woman’s perspective on being single in today’s day and age.

I found that I could relate to her a bit since we’re both writers and we’ve both moved around a lot. What I wonder though is if men Google my name whether or not they think I’m famous and get intimidated like she feels certain men are of her.

Just because my name comes up doesn’t mean I’m famous which I think would be funny if someone thought so. Just means I know how to do online marketing! And I do it well!:)

Speaking of which, recently attended my local South Bay Internet Entrepreneur group meeting on guerilla online marketing and learned that websites that are built with frames, won’t be searchable by Google which explains why a previous client never shows up.

I wondered about that, but don’t need to worry about it since we’re not working together right now. However, just in case he stumbles across this website, that’s why. It wasn’t me! It was your web design. Very interesting.

On another note, trying hard to get excited about going to Miami since that’s my next big trip, but because I’m not well, makes it kind of hard. I may just have to reschedule, but my mom is so excited about this trip and has put so much planning into it…

I wanted to go away for Mother’s Day this year because sometimes it’s a really hard day for me if I’m not prepared. It sneaks up on me and then wallops me on the head if I’m not careful. Now I just try to plan good things for myself to counter-balance the effect.

I remember when Elijah, my son, was first born he was only about 7 days old when Mother’s Day hit. I was so proud to be a mother, I dragged myself to church to get the little carnation flower pinned to me even though I could barely sit through the service. At least that’s what I remember. It’s been so long now I might be mistaken.

I just know since churches make such a big deal about Mother’s Day it can be a hard service for me to attend. Maybe more pastors need to be sensitized to the fact that not all relationships are happy and not all mothers still have their children. However, that’s not my concern right now.

I just have to worry about finding out what’s wrong with me. I feel bad for my poor neighbor because like clock work for some reason I wake up around 4am and have the worst coughing fit. It’s enough to wake the dead. I can’t control myself though.

At first I thought it was just allergies and it would go away, but this has been going on for so long now with no let up. I’m over it. A friend I visited in PHX just informed me it could be Valley Fever which is a fungi that people catch who visit PHX. Oh goody!

At least though I know what it is now because I seem to have a lot of the symptoms. Apparently rest is the only thing that will help. So, speaking of which. I should stop.

I hope you’re doing well and not suffering any health issues. I also hope you have a great week. Thanks for stopping by!


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