It’s amazing what a good night’s rest will do…

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By Joy A. Kennelly

Now that some time has passed and I’ve had some fun to help me take my mind off things I have a totally different view of everything that went down the other day. The sting is gone and now it’s back to business.

Still trying to decide how best to handle the situation and hope to have some advice from someone I trust before I speak to the client again, but everything is fine as it’s going to be. BTW, if you’ve never checked out my other blogs oftentimes I write more there.

Check out Pure, Unadulterated Joy on Typepad for recent pix from my latest fun activities including my trip to Cambria, CA. Also, check out The Joy Writer PR blog on WordPress too for all the latest on my clients. That’s where I write my professional thoughts down regarding my business.

I like this blog though because I feel since it doesn’t get that much activity I can let my hair down a little more and really let it all hang out. Whine, whine, whine. HA!:)

I finished reading another good book which I thought I’d share with you. It’s called, “Are You Really Ready for Love?: 10 Secrets to Finding the One You Want” I was curious if I was which is why I picked it up. Dr. David Hawkins is the author and he quotes a lot of other books too which is nice. I like it when people do that because then if I like the excerpt I know I might like the book. It also introduces me to books I might not know otherwise.

The thing that hit me while reading this is that for the most part I’ve really worked on myself and am ready for love. However, then I read a chapter on people needing to feel safe in relationships and I realized that is one area that I could still use some work in.

I think partly because oftentimes I don’t feel safe, then I make the other person not feel safe either, but now that I’m cognizant of that fact, I can work on changing it. I’ve actually done better since I read that and hope that some of my friends can see a difference too. Still slip up since I’m human, but I’m very eager to change which is the first step.

On a funnier note, my good friend Deborah is an engineer and it’s a real miracle that we’re as good as friends as we are, but it really helps that we share a similar faith since that’s a deeper bond than our regular friendships.

As a result, even though she’ll talk about radar stuff and I’ll totally not understand a word she’s saying, we relate on so many other levels it doesn’t matter what she does for a living. She often doesn’t get the way my mind thinks for my business either so we just love each other as we are and appreciate our differences rather than try to change each other.

Now one way in which she is very different than me is that she’s a real big home body. Not me. I love going out and meeting new people, whereas she’s happy as a clam staying home with her dog and going to bed early. She gets up super early, but still, she sleeps more than most people I know and others agree!

Tonight we were sharing what we thought about today’s sermon over at Bay Cities Community Church where we both attend (although different services since she’s an early bird and I’m barely making the 9:30am on time.)

I then told her how much fun I’m having checking out all the fun social groups for adults on and told her she might want to check to see if there’s any groups for engineers on there since I’ve found some real cool ones for internet entrepreneurs (which I like to consider myself.)

I also just started a new one for my GoChi Juice business called Goji Health and Abundance Group. Check it out here if you want to know what I like and what I’m up to. Join me if you want to too!

In any case, Deborah mentioned that she goes to bed so early she’s not sure she’d be able to find a group. We were laughing about that because that’s the only drawback to her friendship, she goes to bed so early! She said one of her friends said she gets the most sleep out of anyone he knows. I told her people always tell me I look well rested too because I like to sleep too.

Then I told her maybe Meetup has a group for people who like to sleep. That cracked us both up and we began laughing wildly (I think we’ve both been so over-stressed and hurt at work we needed the stress relief only a good belly laugh can bring.)

I looked it up and sure enough there was one for people with sleeping disorders. She totally cracked me even more when she said maybe she could be a guest speaker on how to sleep. I’m hoping this translates in writing because we couldn’t stop laughing over that. You probably had to be there, but man it sure felt good to laugh.

The last time I went to the movies hoping to laugh I chose that new Will Ferrell basketball movie, Semi-Pro, and it was so filthy, I had to get up and walk out after the first 15 minutes. I was sooooo disappointed because normally I really like his humor, but this was so sick and base I couldn’t stomach it.

What always surprises me lately when I go, and maybe it’s just the theatre I’m hitting, but I constantly see young parents with very young children sitting through R-rated movies. Where is the innocence of our children going? No wonder they’re so de-sensitized to so many things now. I didn’t see an R-rated movie till I was 19!

Maybe that’s a little extreme too, but I’m so grateful my parents let me have my childhood. Just the other night I went to see 21 with my friend Lisa. Now even though we’re adults we both enjoy children’s films and almost chose Horton Hears a Who. However, since I had company I opted for a drama instead. Lisa was cool with 21 too.

What was again shocking was to see this woman come in with about five young girls probably no more than 9 or 10. They were all giggling and talking like kids that age will do, but finally quieted down. I couldn’t believe that an adult felt this movie was appropriate when there were so many other more kid films playing in the same theatre complex.

Towards the end when of course the seduction scene comes on and they’re taking each other’s clothes off the little girls all collectively said ewwww. Without thinking, I said loudly, “Bad mother!” which totally makes me LOL now that I write this. Where my mind comes up with this and my mouth speaks such stuff is beyond me. It’s like I have tourette’s or something! No control whatsoever. Maybe my mind thinks it for so long I just blurt it out or something. I don’t know.

Needless to say, I made the woman sitting in front of me smile. I think I made the mother think too because when the brutal beating scene came on a little later she got up and took all her kids out with her. I felt like saying, Good for you, but was too into the intensity of the scene to do more than cover my eyes.

Yes, I cover my eyes during violent scenes in movies and have also been known to jump in fright when it’s way too violent. I’m telling you, not seeing R-rated movies until I was older and not having a TV until I was a junior in high school really makes me sensitive to certain things, more so than the average person I think.

Definitely more so than the average child growing up in today’s society, that’s for sure. And that’s just sad to me. I wish more parents would realize that what they expose their children to really does leaving lasting impressions on their little brains. Too sad.

In any case, 21 is a good film. Not great, but good. A little long, but enjoyable. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was into cards as a sport, but since I’m not, you can only watch gambling so long… I did like all the actors though.

The only thing I have to comment on though is that Kate Bosworth’s color of hair was way too ashy for her face and made her look much older than she is, or who she was playing. Also, towards the end of the film, her boob implant wasn’t sitting right and looked like a huge discus popping out of the bodice of her dress.

Too bad the script supervisor or someone didn’t catch it. I guess men just don’t look at weird boobs, but like all them regardless of what they look like! However, that said, Kate is really good in this film and quite stunning as the hardened bitch/card pro who everyone lusts after.

I really liked the lead actor, Jim Sturgess too, because I finally figured out I recognized him from Across the Universe which I really enjoyed. Both films are Sony Pictures which may explain why two actors from that film are in this movie too.

Okay, now that I’ve got that off my chest I think I can stop writing. Got to get my beauty rest to deal with what I have to do next week. Wish me luck and please say a little prayer. OY!


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